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Great Barrier Reef

Our mission to protect the beautiful skin of both people and our planet


Protecting and rehabilitating the skin of people and planet

Our skin is the largest organ on our body. It protects us from the harms of our environment. Much of the damage to our skin comes from the sun. In fact, 90% of skin cancers are associated with sun exposure. We need to protect our skin from the harm of the sun. 


Our planet has skin too. Our planet's skin -- its oceans and land -- need protection and treatment. We love the ground and waters we live on, but sometimes we make a few mistakes here an there and cause unnecessary damage, just like we do to our own skin.


Koala has made it our extended mission to be sustainable, achieve Carbon Neutrality, and commit ourselves towards protecting our planet. Therefore, we will dedicate a percentage of our revenues towards the Koala Cares Program to advance our own sustainability as a company and to support the preservation and rehabilitation of damaged skin -- for both planet Earth and humankind. 


Corporate Sustainability

Koala is committed to sustainability and Carbon Neutrality. We will dedicate resources towards ensuring products, resources, and operations towards sustainable, responsible, and ethical business. 

Sustainable Energy


Skin Cancer Awareness

Koala will partner with nonprofits that specialize in creating awareness and promoting education to community and youth on sun safety, skin cancer prevention, and promotion of screening and detection.


Skin Health Research

Universities and nonprofit institutes are at the core of advancing research for skin cancer. Koala will collaborate and support research projects that promote discovery, innovation, and novel technology development.

Scientist Using Microscope
Diving in the Reef


Coral & Marine Rehabilitation

Our planet's bodies of water beam with life. We want to protect the flora and fauna from the harms of ocean acidification, pollution, and human activity. We will partner with organizations and governments worldwide to invest in and promote the rehabilitation of coral reefs and water habitats.


Wildlife Conservation

Lastly, we love animals. Our company brand treasures its mascot the Koala. We want to create awareness of our planet co-habitants and help ensure that endangered or injured species are protected and rehabilitated. 

Image by David Clode
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